What is the most important factor when betting on football? Part Two

News about the team and injuries

Another important factor is the information on what is happening in the club and also information about the injury of the players. One of the best ways to watch these two factors is to find a web page or newspaper where these reports appear regularly.

There is talk that the team reigns bad mood? Perhaps due to the fact that the club is in financial difficulties and owes payouts to players? Team lost motivation and has a series of losses? Wounded is a very important player?

I need to ask this type of question, since the above factors will always have a big influence on the final outcome of the game. With a little effort often found valuable information that will in effect be a great advantage.

Where to draw the necessary information:

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When bet

There is no universal best moment to place the bet. Sometimes it is better to place a bet with a big advance and sometimes vice versa better bet until the last minute.

Bet with a big advance is worthwhile, for example, if you have any information that the public is given virtually immediately after the announcement of courses – for example, information appeared that the match due to injury has not entered a key player or forecasters predict rain (in which case you can try to bet under on the number of goals if you manage to bet before the bookies actually adapts courses).

What’s the betting at the last minute is concerned, it’s worth for example, when a coach at the last minute makes some changes in the team. If you manage to bet before bookmakers adequately adjusted odds, you can gain an advantage.

In this regard, the role played by seasonal factors – for example, at the beginning of year it may be advantageous betting on outsiders. At the beginning of the year is still weak teams are strong enough and motivated. They want right from the beginning to gain a place in the quiet center of the table and not fight for the rescue. During the year, but tired, and more teams will have significant matches in mutual advantage. Here, then logically worth betting on stronger teams with. How to bet online and win big amount of money is the most common question for many people loocapontanousantin.

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What is the most important factor when betting on football?

Surely you know that within our site we deal with many aspects of betting on football. Proof indeed refer to the section in the form of betting on football, where you can find a pile of articles covering virtually everything about betting on the sport.

At the same time, we cover various issues such as general strategy, psychology betting, betting functioning, how to choose the right bookmaker and last but not least, we deal with too much bankroll management, which is tremendously important factor.

All this knowledge but wasted if you do not take into account one thing that we consider absolutely the most important factor in achieving long-term success – pre-game survey.

If you do not know who to bet and why, you can directly go blindfold and throw darts at a target. Now pre-game survey is the difference between profit and loss-making punters. In this article, we’ll focus on the things that you should do as part of the pre-game research at your bets.

Statistics and Trends

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Statistics and trends will probably sounds mostly like a job for some and not accounting for bettors who wants to bet on a football match. But the opposite is true – if you study statistics and historical trends, often get some valuable information, which as a result can decide whether your bet will be successful or not. You should focus mainly on the following factors:

– How many goals a team average score in a game (for the whole year, indoors, outdoors)?
– How many goals a team collects an average per match (for the whole year, indoors, outdoors)?
– What is the ratio of the team wins and losses (for the whole year, indoors, outdoors)?
– What is the ratio of the team wins and losses in specific situations (such as when playing a match domestic league after a match within any European competition)?
– How successful team in the past against the current opponent?
– How to lead a team lately (whether it is on a winning streak or whether on the contrary, mired in problems)?
– How has recently led to the current opponents (whether it is on a winning streak or whether on the contrary, mired in problems)?

These statistics you should definitely consult before placing a bet. But make no mistake – these statistics are within your pre-game survey only basis. There are many statistics and the more energy they spend, the higher your chances of success.

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